Melvyn Jones Fellowship Awards Mike Lin Piatek

A Proud Day for Petersfield Lions Club

Thanks to the generosity of Churcher’s College, the Petersfield Lions Club hosted a picnic on Sunday 15th August to say thank you to all the vaccination volunteer marshals and also allow us all to mix socially for the first time since December 2020 when the vaccinations started at The Festival Hall. Volunteers from Petersfield Lions Club, Petersfield U3A, Liphook and District Business Association (L.D.B.A.) and other Petersfield volunteers turned out and had the opportunity at last to meet together for the first time without their masks, meet old friends and in some cases make new ones. The event was also supported by some Doctors, other NHS staff and volunteers.
The highlight of the afternoon was a presentation to Mike & Lin Piatek who stepped up to the mark in December of 2020 and began organising the rotas, lateral flow tests and basic training for the marshals and volunteers. This was and still is a mammoth task. They have contributed almost 900 hours between them in support of the project.
Petersfield Lions Club President Clive Midson & immediate past President Jo Walters, presented Mike & Lin each a Melvyn Jones Award in recognition of their service. It is the highest accolade a Lion member can achieve, recognising outstanding individuals for their humanitarian work.
A special thanks also, to our new Lions Club members Carole and Nicholas Vergette who made the event possible by making the arrangements with Churcher’s College who also provided tea and coffee.

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