Jasmine’s CIMT quest

Shortly after Jasmine was born in 2017, she suffered a huge stroke which damaged 50% of her brain. She has progressed well but now needs CIMT (Constraint Induced Movement Therapy) which could be life changing for her, however, this comes at a huge cost, £5000.
Petersfield Lions Club (CIO) are helping Jasmine in her quest to raise this money via https://www.gofundme.com/f/jasmines-cimt-quest
This is Jasmine’s story:-
Jasmine suffered a huge stroke which damaged 50% of her brain shortly after she was born in 2017. She spend 5 days on life support at Southampton General Hospital. Her Mummy and Daddy were told she may never walk or talk and to expect learning difficulties.
We are delighted that this strong, determined and gorgeous little girl has progressed incredibly. Jasmine walks well and speaks beautifully. Behind the scenes there is daily physio, occupational therapy and support of the incredible Rainbow Centre with conductive education.
Hurdles continue for Jasmine and her next focus is to encourage the use of her right hand so she can use it as a functional hand, with the right therapy, hopefully she will be able to use it more effectively.
That therapy is CIMT— Constraint Induced Movement Therapy and comes at a huge cost, £5000 for a 3 week course at a clinic in Essex which has been recommended for Jasmine. This could be life changing for Jasmine, but she needs your help.
Please donate to Jasmine’s quest on GoFundMe to help her receive this treatment.
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